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Re: [BT] Turn of the Tide - Multiplayer scenario - Beta

Unread postby Danielefc » Sat Jan 24, 2015 1:51 am

sourdust wrote:Looks great, I'm going to give it a few playthroughs to get you some feedback.

At first glance, the Caucasus front looks like a good representation of the historical situation, which I've just had a close look at to develop my much more modest "Operation Gory/More" single player scenario. Just a few minor details:

1) Situation maps show the front remaining very close to Novorossisk for this whole period; the Soviets should be no more than one hex away. This creates some complications, because the UoC map is a bit inaccurate in terms of rail lines down there. (The rail line doesn't run from Novo. to Maikop through a southern route, as shown in UoC, rather it goes north across the river to Krasnodar.) This means that a historical front line has the Soviets sitting on the Novo. to Maikop rail line - but given the supply source at Taman, I think this isn't too much of a problem.

2) I couldn't find any evidence of a Soviet tank corp near Sochi, as you've placed it. I think the Russian Forces in this area were pretty much all infantry with a few attached tank brigades, but maybe I've overlooked something...

3) The Germans should have 5th Luftwaffe Field Division around Krasnodar.

4) I allowed the Axis a "Taman command" unit to represent the large variety of miscellaneous troops in the Taman port area after the 17th Army pulled back to the Kuban Peninsula. Similarly, the Axis down there should be toughened up a bit, perhaps by a 88 flak attachment at Novorossisk. That should really be a tough nut to crack, given it held out for another 8 months!


Didn't see this until now :).

Re:1.) No idea why I misplaced the front so badly tbh. There was probably an issue with turn 1 Soviet possibilities... But its been a while so I'm not sure. But since its so badly off on a very central objective I'm sure I had a reason :D

Re:2.) Nope you are correct - I beefed up some existing units near Grozny and added that corps for balance purposes.

Re:3.) Right you are - well its arrives in force at Krasnodar around 1 January. I missed it since it was in transit on most of the maps i used... I HATE OOB mistakes - atleast when they are not intentional... grrrr.... But thanks :).

Re:4.) An acceptable way to go about it I would say - I did the same thing in my 2nd Crimea scenario. Problem with toughening them up is it opens up problematic and unrealistic counterattack options for the germans. I already had to beef up the Soviets to prevent this as it is. And adding FlaKs in general is "dangerous" balance wise since they can be redeployed to panzer-divisions and make 'em immune to air attack. Adding anything anywhere here has to take into account that the player can teleport it anywhere from Orel to Maikop within one turn... Engine limitations and all that hehe.

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