Kursk 1943

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Re: Kursk 1943

Unread postby dmcheng » Mon Jul 08, 2013 8:14 am

I agree that you should make the scenario more difficult. Also, the objective west of Voronezh has no name and no turn limit. Is that a mistake?

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Re: Kursk 1943

Unread postby cedonxp » Mon Jul 08, 2013 4:01 pm

Ok, I have tweaked the AI counter attacks and dug in all infantry in the lines with abilities. reduced turns to 6 and 9 for victories. Try this one and if you think this is easy, we you must be a bad mamajama. http://www.sendspace.com/file/h5wgur

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Re: Kursk 1943

Unread postby Arctic-Nation » Tue Jul 09, 2013 9:28 pm

To use the words of a certain Adolf H. when taking a stroll outside his bunker, "Holy shit, that's a lot of Soviets out there!"

8 turns, got hindered a bit by rain on turn 7. Didn't get a BV this time since I detached only a minimum of forces to contain the salient, and bridge 1 still is a very weird objective. Several Soviet mobile divisions moved into the salient and made things a lot harder there. A BV would've been possible if I had attacked more to the west of Kursk. I was actually afraid I might not be able to contain the northern front when I started, but the Soviet armour moved either towards Voronezh or farther out to the southwest. Lost some more units this time, too, but that was to be expected. The last three turns were really nothing more than ploughing through lines and lines of Soviet tanks.

And well, I did beat both base game and expansion to get all BV's without prestige spent. Sorry. ;)

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Re: Kursk 1943

Unread postby 72Ned » Wed Sep 04, 2013 4:42 pm

I've played this scenario twice. It's a real slug fest and that's good! First game, I lost by a micro-hair as I had suppressed the defending unit in Voronehz but ran out of units to blow it away. That was on the last turn by the way. Second playout, I won on the very last turn with one single unit left that was active that managed to blow away the suppressed defenders.

I don't think the order of battle is very historical but it is a fine scenario that I will want to play again.