[RT] BARBAROSSA 41 (full Korps level campaign)

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Re: [RT] BARBAROSSA 41 (full Korps level campaign)

Unread postby nikdav » Mon Dec 16, 2013 6:18 pm

It is a work in progress scenario that try to simulate a different scale full front campaign, very difficult to balance.
At first I try with all the divisions but the engine is too slow (30 minutes a turn), so i try the korps level.
In 1941 the standard russian divisions were bigger and stronger than the german divisions,
the russian problems was the command and control and the supply organization,
the german were outgunned at all levels
( 37/75mm guns vs better 45mm/57mm/76mm guns),
( 105/150/170mm vs better 122/152/203 guns)
(50/81mm mortars vs better 50/81/107/120mm mortars)
after few week all soviet captured arsenal was put in use by the germans from small arms to tanks.
I think that without the purge of the best soviet officers, today we read another story of the war in the East Front, with the end at last in 1943.
To tell the truth without Manstein in any case the war should have ended in 1943, but this is only my opinion.