How to build scenarios for the Russian Civil Wars and Ukrainian Civil Wars?

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How to build scenarios for the Russian Civil Wars and Ukrainian Civil Wars?

Unread postby MarjaE » Sat Mar 20, 2021 2:35 am

I would like to create some scenarios based on these.

To begin with, I tried building a Tavriya 1920 scenario, with the player taking the Red Army in October-November 1920. I figure it should be one of the easier-to-build, though not the most interesting.

I know I *can't* represent multiple sides, units deserting, units switching sides, etc. The nearest approximation is units which *may* reinforce one side at a prestige cost, like the Slovakian units in Dukla Pass. I figure a lot of medium-sized scenarios should work anyway.

I am not sure how to judge appropriate unit strengths. Figuring that an early WW2 German division has 7 steps, for 17,200 personnel, I figure 1 point for 2,000 to 3,000 combat personnel. I tried giving 1 step for every 3,000 rifles or carbines, 300 heavy machine guns, or 30 artillery pieces. Given these conversion factors, many of the White divisions would lack zones of control, or would easily lose them. White corps were too few to cover the front. Red divisions were usually somewhat stronger. I might get better results with more generous conversion factors, but that would overstate their strengths relative to most WW2 scenarios. Except possibly on the Finnish front.

I am also not sure how to handle supplies. Depending on the phase of the war, most of the White armies received arms and ammunition from either the Central Powers or the Entente Powers. So the conventional supply rules ought to work for them. Most of the Red armies had fewer supplies. Cutting ranges doesn't work right. I can fudge this by using Black Turn settings. Independent and partisan armies are the most challenging, though perhaps their home bases and alternate bases could be considered supply sources. Also, the AI is really bad at guarding its supply lines and bases.