[RT] Normandy what if Germans already knew?

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[RT] Normandy what if Germans already knew?

Unread postby Detonator » Wed Nov 12, 2014 12:49 pm

I just do some search about Normandy landings, and recall there's a fitting location of a played map.
This hypothetical scenario is what if Germans already knew the Allied's plan and pretended they weren't aware of it, but secretly moved lots of armies heading for there very early?
I have just made this map and testing played, finishing it for 17 turns. Brilliant Victory is set at 15 turns.
Don't know whether it is possible for BV. Good luck and have fun. :)
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Re: [RT] Normandy what if Germans already knew?

Unread postby Nii_P » Sat Dec 14, 2019 9:52 am

I liked this scenario very much. Interesting, how strong some units can be made. Hardest part to fight was an elite panzer unit with an AA special-step and also dug-in in a city! Furthermore, this AA special-step provided air defense to it's adjacent units, which were also dug-in! A masterpiece of effective defense, really hard to breach, IMHO. ;)
Luckily I achieved a DV within 16 turns on first try, although on turn 15 I still thought, that I will run out of units for sure. Anyway, I learned a lot about tactics in UoC with this scenario and also, how many possibilities the editor offers.
Thanks for your effort, even 5 years later! ;)

PS: I don't like UoC II with all that over complex HQ stuff and too much random with the cards. The original UoC can be quite complex enough, that's why I still prefer it over UoC II. IMHO, games should have simple rules, but nearly endless possibilities. Best examples are chess and GO.