Another Axis BV campaign.

Let's keep only one thread active per scenario. What do you think about a particular scenario. Was it too easy, too hard? Did you win or lose at first? Post descriptions of your brilliant victories and unfortunate defeats here.
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Another Axis BV campaign.

Unread postby davesp » Sun Jul 01, 2012 10:47 am

Finally got round to finishing this off today.

Keeping supply routes open in the latter ones is tough.

Edelweiss was probably the hardest for me. Getting Maikop in 5 turns is very tight. Bombing the unit that occupies it every turn helped; by the time I got there he was down quite a few steps and never swaps for another stronger unit.

Stalingrad was easier than I expected. Piling everything onto the South while just shoring up and threatening in the North seemed to work very well.

Throughout, and particularly in the longer reaching battles the weather played a big role. More than a small amount of rain and it becomes impossible to meet some of the BV turn limits.
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