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The quest for perfect score (Axis campaign)

Posted: Wed Mar 07, 2012 8:49 pm
by Khazad
Hey everyone. I picked up this game and I really love it, but I need some advice.

I am working on getting perfect score on each scenario in the Axis campaign. Obviously that means getting BV without spending any prestige on upgrades/units. So far I have completed 2nd Khrarkov, Voronezh and Stalingrad but I can't figure out Case Blue. The problem is that I see no way to get next to Tsimlianska on turn 3 (so I can capture on turn 4) without using engineers/recons. The units attacking from the north can not reach the Don in 3 turns since they have to stop and capture Millerovo in turn 2. There is 10 tiles from Millerovo to the Don and you can only move 8 with extended move.

Have anyone successfully manged a BV on this scenario without buying stuff?

Update: I'm sure getting Millerovo in 4 is the missing piece. I get 580/600 (-20 from capturing Millerovo on turn 5 instead of 4)

Re: The quest for perfect score (Axis campaign)

Posted: Thu Mar 08, 2012 2:18 am
by jascott
What I did is this. In the middle, between Stalino and Izium, you have a bridge and a couple infantry in the pocket. You have to be really luck to do this, but you have to get a tank unit right up next to the bridge AND you need to have destroyed the Russian tank unit with a combo of air attack and that same tank by the end of turn two. Once you do this the next turn (3) you can race that tank down the Donets on the southern side of Milerovo. You also have to be extremely careful to move your tanks from the northern flank aggressively fast. When I say you have to execute this exactly I am not kidding. You have to destroy the northern flank, aggressively use your infantry to envelope the tank unit, and on turn 2 you need to leapfrog your troops PAST the surviving units, and you have to use your newly deployed tank and motorized infantry to take on the units you bypassed. Killing that tank unit in the middle is absolutely key, because otherwise you won't be able to free up your tank units to move south, because he will just retake Milerovo denying you the brilliant victory.

Re: The quest for perfect score (Axis campaign)

Posted: Thu Mar 08, 2012 9:28 am
by Khazad
Thanks for the reply jascott.

I will take another look. I do get the bridge over Donets set up in turn 1 by 2 air strikes on the tank and killing it with my tank attacking over the river. Then crushing I cursh the northen flak and have both tanks at Millerovo in turn 2 .I will try to race a tank down the Donets from that bridge. I have counted and i think its doable with two extended moves. I believe I see what you mean with crushing the northern flank properly since any ZOC with prevent extended move for the racing tank.

Re: The quest for perfect score (Axis campaign)

Posted: Thu Mar 08, 2012 5:01 pm
by Khazad
So i did some testing on the scenario and I managed to do a perfect BV (not using any prestige), but that involved a lot of loading so I don't see this happening the way i did it in the campaign. Have anyone beaten Case blue in the campaign with a perfect score? Theres probably room a lot of improvement in various areas, but the main speed run to get to Tsimlianska on turn 4 is close to 100% unforgiving both with air strike hits and crushing units(overrun) :-(

Re: The quest for perfect score (Axis campaign)

Posted: Thu Mar 08, 2012 10:49 pm
by Danielefc
yea the part of getting to tsmi... (however you spell it :)) is tricky but there is a way to get there 100% of the time. The two panzer divisions in the north is the key (plus the motorized can help - however this is not essential). The other key is air attacks. Luckily we have 4!

Turn one:
1. Destroy the two enemy armour in the north using inf and air.
2. Then destroy the weak enemy inf with your panzers. (essential that one of them overruns the enemy - so if the first one fails then do not attack with the second one)
3. Then drive headlong for the first objective bypassing all other enemy forces

Turn two:
1. Use air to gain a 90% chance to overrun forces i Millerovo (that town in the middle I think is called that)
2. Overrun this objective and garrison it with one of the armour (or the motorized if it can reach it)
3. Keep driving for Tsmilianskaya with one or two of the panzers (Seriously how does one spell it)

Turn three:
1. If the AI has garrisoned the northern side of the riverbank you'll need to soften up this defence with air so that it does not provide the enemy with a ZOC.
2. Drive up at destroy this unit if its there - then drive up to the river.

Turn four:
1. Use air until you are certain your panzer can destroy the enemy in one go
2. Drive over and tadaaaa :)

This tactic has only failed me once so far (bad weather over the objective in turn 4 :evil: )

Here is a campaign save showing it (Victory in turn 5 :mrgreen: ):

Re: The quest for perfect score (Axis campaign)

Posted: Fri Mar 09, 2012 1:05 pm
by Khazad
Hey Danielefc,

We are doing this almost the same way except one thing and that was the missing piece of my puzzle. I failed to realize that I could weaken(loosing ZOC) the unit crossing over the river to protect Millerovo, thus capturing it with one racing tank instead of two. The ZOC from those two units slowed my push with one turn unless I crushed north flawlessly and got two tanks next to the river on the same turn.

Brilliant solution and an easy fix wich i failed to see! Thanks a lot for the input.