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Voronezh and Rostov reports

Posted: Tue Nov 08, 2011 2:07 am
by dougb1
Really impressed with this game. Played both these scenarios and won Voronezh on the second last turn and Race to Rostov on the last turn.

In the Rostov game the AI made a move that was a little strange. In the middle of the line the Germans launched 2 panzer and 1 infantry divisions through my lines but I ignored them and they went out of supply before doing any harm. They were stuck well behind my lines. Not sure if it was good generalship on my part (ignoring them and simply advancing to the west) or poor generalship on the part of the AI. The rail lines were situated far to the south and north of them and they were unable to threaten either.

In the Kharkov game the AI pulled a sneaky move and took Kursk. I have a hard time sometimes as my units get vaporized by the AI. Should I be digging in as a matter of course in places where I'm not attacking?