AGN – Race for Leningrad

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AGN – Race for Leningrad

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Posted by Quest_AGN
on September 20th, 2016 at 22:27

AGN – Race for Leningrad


I have been “slightly” obsessed with Army Group North’s performance during Operation Barbarossa after I read ‘Hitler's Panzers East - World War 2 reinterpreted’ by R. H. Stolfi.
I can agree with his thesis, that Germany could have defeated Russia, by occupying its heartland. But for one exception; his equating the distance traveled against the Allies in 1940.
The distance from the ‘German frontier to Dunkirk’ plus ‘Abbeville to the Spanish boarder’, is equal but not the same, as from the ‘Soviet boarder to the Volga river’ at Gorky, Kazan and Saratov.
The West had “many” more kilometers of hospitable roads, and a motor driving society with many Gas Stations from which to “commandeer” fuel for Germany’s Panzers.


Hitler’s Directive #33 of July 19th.
It stated Moscow was no longer the Primary Objective.
Divert Panzers north and south, from Army Group Center, to assist the capture of Leningrad and the Ukraine.
The second Western Front, that had been formed from Stavka’s Strategic Reserves on June 22nd , had virtually been eliminated by August 5, 1941.
As late as August 17th , Halder and Bravchitsch tried one last appeal to “resume the advance” in the center.


If Leningrad can be isolated and the “Jump off” position at Chudova Bridge, captured by August 17th , Hitler will revise his Directive #33, and Moscow will again be the Primary Objective.


“AGN – Race for Leningrad” is a merger of the three scenarios for AGN.
Some revisions have been made.
1 – The Goals and their target dates, obviously.
You must clear the Path to Moscow by August 29, 1941.
The “Points” are my calculation as to their value, and importance in the order of their capture.
2 – I found the Soviet forces too weak, and not representative of the “surprise” the Germans experienced when encountering “New Soviet Armor”.
Therefore I increased the “Experience Level” of Russian Armor when reinforced with “New Soviet Armor”, so that they will not be a push over.
I also increased the “Experience Level” of Russian forces that were reinforced with “NKVD” troops, to make them more “resistant”.
3 – The “arrival” of Russian troops do not happen all at once when transiting what would have been the next scenario. They arrive over time; three board games were used to aid this transition.

I hope you enjoy this challenge to make history.
Good Hunting

Posted by conboy323
on September 21st, 2016 at 21:32
I would classify this as extremely difficult. Quite a fun scenario though! Congratulations on the effort. I would have given one extra turn and 1 extra supply, just to reduce the frustration level in the first few playthroughs. I have no idea how BV could be accomplished.

The number of turns was based on the need to alter history. Clearing a "jump-off" position for the advance onto Moscow by the time Guderian's 2nd Panzer Group would have been ready to rush south.

The "supply" was a very real, difficult problem to match the third scenario's provision with the first scenario's abundance, 6 units on the rail line vs 8 at the start. I tried hidden "Supply dumps", not activated until
the German forces occupied that spaces, but that had problems and didn't solve the original discontinuity.
I use this WARNING, "Scenario notes: DO NOT add Logistic Assets UNTILL the Luga River/Novgorad Line is penetrated.", to try to maintain a similar feel to the "End Game".
The supply problem a Demyansk, can also occur with the "stand alone" "Luga to Leningrad" scenario.

An aside: In one test, I detached the Totenkopf Division from the Leningrad attack, to rush up the Leningrad to Moscow rail line and capture the Demyansk Supply Dump by the 14th turn. Only to have a Russian
Army appear around it. Instead of an all-out attack, an Armor Division placed itself between Demyansk and the Supply Dump, the rest of the Infantry Divisions raced down the rail line towards Leningrad.
By the 17th turn, Totenkopf was "Totally Impotent", yet not attacked. The result was the Russian Front's "Total" collapse due to shortage of supply.
Not very realistic, therefore I added the "Msta Bridge" as a "Defensible Goal".

I have accomplished one "Brilliant Victory" in 20 to 30 play tests, as well as 7 or 8 losses mostly due to the rains.
I got the BV, by detaching the 3 Panzers from in front of Leningrad, starting on turn 12, when I thought the Motorized Divisions could handle the chaos.