Black Turn: Donbas Nip Strategy?

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Black Turn: Donbas Nip Strategy?

Unread postby Avatrix » Sun Dec 29, 2013 4:35 pm

I've made it through the rest of the campaign without overwhelming trouble (only 1/3 as brilliant victories this time through). But I'm stumped on Donbas Nip. Two attempts and not even close. Either I'm unable to muster enough force to take the victory points, or my supply gets cut off and I'm stuck fighting in the middle just to keep my units functional. I'd love some advice!

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Re: Black Turn: Donbas Nip Strategy?

Unread postby Danielefc » Sun Dec 29, 2013 8:57 pm

Hi - the way I do it:

1. I immediately disband the two Security divisions. Use these re-inforcements to bolster the SS, motorized and Gebirgs Jägers (taking care not to loose or downgrade their veteran/elite status). For the duration of the game keep an eye out for the "kill count" of these units: Whenever these units can receive more of these additional steps they should recieve them asap. During the game try to gain veterancy for the two jäger divisions and single infantry division that start out with five "kills".

2. Defense of the North:

Hold the northern river by moving all forces back from across the river. Add the Italians and i think two or so more German infantry units to hold this line. For the first three to five turns the AI will aggresively try to force a crossing. Its important that the jägers and Italians get the "best" terrain as far as possible. Its important also that they never face T-34's or Arty attachments. Try doing this shuffleing without loosing all of your entrenchments (however it is more important to have the right units in the right place than to keep the entrenchments). Whenever one of these defending units get down to two steps or less then disband it and use the re-inforcements to bolster other weakened units wherever its needed. Do this right and the Soviet offensive will fail and eventually peter out.

3. Attack in the south:

I use three stages.

First (turn 1-3): I just "hold out" and destroy as many Soviet forces as possible (focusing on the cavalry and other units with stuff attached to it). Let the AI make small crossings that you can counterattack - they will be with their backs against the river. Its important to not loose any steps in this process of wearing out the Soviets. If an attack does not have that 10% retreat chance then it is too risky and another unit should be used first. In this phase it is also important that the right units are at the front when your turns end. Most importantly the panzers must NEVER EVER be at the front at the end of a turn. This is because the enemy air attacks might weaken them and then ground forces will move in for the kill. Loose more than one armoured step and its pretty much game over. If you don't mind spending prestige then this is not as much of a problem as you can re-inforce or just add AA.

Second (turn 4-5): By now the enemy should be weakened enough for you to cross the river and slowly start heading for Rostov.

Third (turn 6-7): If you have "managed" your units "properly" in the above two phases then the gebirgsjäger should be able to take the northern objective without much motorized support. However keep in mind that when you actually take this objective the unit taking it will be violently counterattacked and most likely destroyed. So if possible save this for your last turn or just take it with the motorized division since this is too powerfull to be counterattacked. Rostov should be taken by turn 5 or 6. You will need all of the SS do to this since it is urban. Once Rostov is taken it can be held by regular infantry. This leaves the final eastern objective - Punch through to it using all available units while leaving the most powerfull one (probably the SS with Stugs or one of your panzers if they get Elite status) to force a retreat once you can reach it.

All of the above in shorter form:

Veterancy is friggin important! Try to not expose the panzers before mid-late game! Re-inforce veteran units when possible! Destroy Soviet units! Destroy more Soviet units! And then destroy some more...

Just say if ya want a replay

Good luck :)

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Re: Black Turn: Donbas Nip Strategy?

Unread postby Avatrix » Mon Dec 30, 2013 2:23 am

Thanks! Lots of great detail, I'll give that a try. If I can't make it work then I'll ask for that replay. ;-)

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Re: Black Turn: Donbas Nip Strategy?

Unread postby Tschemo » Mon Jun 02, 2014 7:19 pm

Hi all,

I have just finished the campaign and here are some my thoughts about the Donbas Nip.

I have achieved Briliant victory on the second try. I did not disband any units and used to security division to bolster the river defense in the north.

1st turn: Cross the river and establish some bridgehead with your tanks. For assault use air support, then tanks and motorized infantry.
2nd turn: I have focused on the bridge north of Voroshilovgrad. Thanks to AI I was able to breakthrough to it encircling forces west and south of Voroshilovgrad.
3rd turn: It is important to keep the bridge north of Voroshilovgrad as by holding it the soviets are unable to reinforce the south. They need to use the other bridge southeast, where you should strike next. I have used this turn to make sure the supply line is strong and without any danger, but moved one unit to Kamensk to delay the crossing units.
4th turn: I have captured Kamensk using air support and tanks. A large soviet army was gathered across the river so it was necessary to cut off this river-crossing.
5th turn: Rostov has fallen although due to Air support the city was in ruin. :)

Very important is keep the supply across the river Mius so the units are operational all the time, etc. not longer than one turn without supply. I hope this will hepl. ;)

PS: Is it by purpose that the German units are not able to entrench in the scenario???

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Re: Black Turn: Donbas Nip Strategy?

Unread postby sourdust » Tue Dec 23, 2014 4:34 am

I generally make a beeline for Kamensk, with little regard for supply lines. It is usually possible to slip your panzers through and take Kamensk on turn 3. Then rush a unit across the bridge to the west of Rostov (the Slovakian motorised unit or Italian Celere division are perfect for this duty) to cut off supply to Rostov entirely.

Keep Kamesk supplied by air if necessary. Holding Kamensk and the bridge next to Rostov will cause immense supply difficulties for the entire southern body of Soviet troops. By turn 5 or 6, Rostov should be weak enough to assault and you should be mopping up hordes of out of supply troops leading to the final objective.

In the north, defend as other posters have suggested: hold along the river, entrench where you can, don't depend on jagers or Italians to hold out in the open!

I've won this handily in six turns, and perhaps once in five? Can't recall...


PS - one disadvantage of this strategy is that the panzers are sometimes exposed to Russian air attack, which can really ruin your day.

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Re: Black Turn: Donbas Nip Strategy?

Unread postby spillblood » Mon Jan 12, 2015 12:24 pm

I'm going to quote myself here, from the beta test part of this forum for Donbas Nip (because you can't view it). I only managed to beat this scenario once yet, and it took me literally months:
Actually a good way is to remove the first Russian line of defense from north to south (on the front facing Rostov), don't try to break through in the middle or south. It has worked for me this way, I was able to advance in the direction of Rostov and Voroshilograd. You need to get around the northern bend of the Mius because you won't take as many casualties without attacking over it.
Also try to inflict as many losses to the Russians as possible, the most important units to hit are cavalry and units with tank steps, concentrate on them. You must slowly drain the enemy's strength, pushing directly through to the objectives doesn't work in this scenario. Also try to hold your frontline as long as possible. When I succeeded I also committed one mobile unit (I think it was the Slovakian one) north. Actually the enemy supply depot in the north is an important target as well, try to reach it with some infantry units. This will cut off the AI's units in the north from supply and prevent it from advancing there.
There's no guarantee that this works, but it's the best approach I've found so far. I also spent some prestige (hadn't got much because I started in pre10 and finished in pre11) on additional steps for some selected units.

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