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PvP: Korsun (RT)

Posted: Tue Oct 08, 2013 8:06 pm
by Arctic-Nation
Another day, another game. Spillblood, tired of ending his games under Axis tank threads, wanted to experience something else, so we switched sides. Avid players will remember Korsun as one of the hardest scenarios of Red Turn, with the Soviets not yet at full strength and the Axis still being able to field formidable formations.

Starting as the Soviets, I put up a nice attack south of Kiev, smashing through German lines and taking out some panzers. My attempt in the north to break through to the supply depot there was abortive, however, and in the south I made the mistake of putting an infantry unit in easily-taken Kirovograd. Spillblood's counterattack there quickly drove me out, and the panzer division he stationed in the city was simply unassailable without risking the loss of Cherkasy, and thus the scenario.
The second round, I gambled and broke through in the centre, to take the supply depot located outside Vinnitsa. This would allow me to split the enemy forces and open them up for a series of encirclements, minimizing the confrontations with the SS Panzer Corps. In the same vein, I pushed a unit towards the southern supply depot, though once again I couldn't break through in the north. I then, of course, saw my spearheads cut off and some of them destroyed, but I had unhinged the defensive lines.
I followed up with a series of quick thrusts, saving my strength where possible and mostly harassing the enemy forces. It was here that I lost the scenario, though, as my spread-out forces were unable to take any objective, losing precious points every turn. Spillblood made good use of his remaining forces, keeping open his supply lines and defending objectives as long as possible. I had taken Korosten, but couldn't take Kirovograd until spillblood abandoned it himself, making sure I'd get no points from it.
It wasn't until turn 5 that I managed to take Zhitomir, and a massive movement of armour divisions captured Korsun Airfield the same turn. With all enemy forces now out of supply, I spent my remaining time destroying them piecemeal.

In the end, I won the battle but lost the war, with 130 points where 149 were needed. Spillblood received the Oak Leaves to his Knight's Cross for his glorious victory, which was presented to the tank where some parts of him were still frozen to, and I threw a victory party at Lubyanka.

Vae victoribus, indeed.

Re: PvP: Korsun (RT)

Posted: Wed Oct 09, 2013 12:28 am
by spillblood
The game ended with my units completely destroyed, but due to the victory margin required to win I won the game although the whole map was painted in red in the end and all objectives had been taken by Arctic Nation. I managed to hold on to Korsun airfield, Korosten and Zhitomir pretty long though. I've suggested this before in another thread, the game should be automatically ended and the scores determined when one side is destroyed and all the reinforcement hexes taken:
You can surrender to end a game before the turn limit runs out, but it's reasonable to auto-end the game if one side can't do anything anymore. Here's some screenshots of the game, it's code was: kaWxAM
2013-10-09 02-20-53_Unity of Command.jpg

2013-10-09 02-22-23_Unity of Command.jpg

2013-10-09 02-23-15_Unity of Command.jpg

Re: PvP: Korsun (RT)

Posted: Wed Oct 09, 2013 12:32 am
by spillblood
Here's another three turns, the last one isn't worth posting because it's the same as turn 7.
2013-10-09 02-24-04_Unity of Command.jpg

2013-10-09 02-24-49_Unity of Command.jpg

2013-10-09 02-25-34_Unity of Command.jpg

Re: PvP: Korsun (RT)

Posted: Wed Oct 09, 2013 12:39 am
by spillblood
Here's the situation at the end of turn 7. The whole map is in Soviet hands.
2013-10-09 02-26-38_Unity of Command.jpg