Red Turn all BV's, no prestige

Let's keep only one thread active per scenario. What do you think about a particular scenario. Was it too easy, too hard? Did you win or lose at first? Post descriptions of your brilliant victories and unfortunate defeats here.
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Red Turn all BV's, no prestige

Unread postby Arctic-Nation » Sat Mar 23, 2013 10:33 pm

Haven't seen one of these yet, so I thought I'd oblige. I didn't find Red Turn as hard as the original campaign, though I'll ascribe that to my increased experience. Breaking things down, I got BV's on my first try in about a third of the scenarios, in three or so tries in another third, and the rest was really hair-pullingly hard again even if the weather was cooperating nicely. Good times were had throughout, though. :)

Smartasses among you will notice that the second scenario is listed as having earned only 230 points instead of 300. That's because I had developed the habit of trying scenarios out before really giving them a go, and Lower Dniepr really is a bitch, with all that Axis armour all too willing to throw itself across your path, not to mention the ones dug in in the target cities. I couldn't get a BV at the time, and so continued with scenarios 3 to 5, on which I got BV's immediately, and didn't bother with Lower Dniepr again. Until today that is, and I've taken the liberty to combine this BV with my original campaign.

As an aside, in those scenarios I've gotten a BV en stoemelings, as it's said where I come from, you might see me doing some rather strange things. That's what happens when you really don't know if, when and where some elite Panzer unit still might suddenly show up to ruin your day. :mrgreen:

Since it appears that a single rar file with the complete campaign is too big too attach, I've split the thing in two. The first file ends with Bagration, the second one starts with Gulf of Riga. Enjoy.
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Re: Red Turn all BV's, no prestige

Unread postby Red Dragon » Fri Nov 22, 2013 9:28 pm

I started a new Axis all BV/no prestige campaign right now and got the first third of it successfully behind me. Afterwards I think I may try all BV/ no prestige in Black Turn, before finally tackling Red Turn all BV/no prestige.
I've downloaded your replays, in case I get stuck really badly and can't seem to find a solution ;)