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Rommel vs. Zhukov

Posted: Sun May 12, 2013 1:19 am
by The Vorlon
I have begun work on a alternative history scenario based on Peter Tsouras alternative military history "Disaster at D-Day" and the subsequent follow up "Rommel vs. Zhukov' published in "Third Reich Victorious - ten Dynamic Scenarios in which Hitler wins the war". In this alternate history Rommel leads the Germans to victory in Normandy and Hitler is assassinated while visiting the scene of victory in France. Following the failure of D-Day and the loss of the last real army the British have, there is an armistice between the western allies and Germany - the US turns to the Pacific and other than some continuation of Lend-Lease, the war in t he west is essentially over. This frees the German forces in France and Italy to move east - and the suspension of the Bomber Offensive allows German industry to continue.

Now that the brief background is out there - I am looking for information on the Russian order of battle, specifically the forces in the Far East that would have presumably moved to European Russian once Stalin realized the strategic dilemma now facing him - a reinforced Eastern Front, no longer hindered by a two front war, or Hilter's interference. Any info folks feel like sharing would be appreciated. I have most of the German OOB and the Russian forces in theater from other sources.

Re: Rommel vs. Zhukov

Posted: Tue May 14, 2013 5:19 pm
by The Vorlon
well....great idea, but as I discovered (and someone else pointed out in another thread) that very large maps bog down using the current game engine. I put together a test with a map that stretched from Army Group North (Baltics) to Army Group South (Romania) with about a total of 400 units - and it gave new meaning to the word 'slow' - and that is on a 6 core 32 gb ram system. Perhaps chunking into smaller scenarios will work - though i really liked the idea of one big massive struggle. :twisted: :twisted:

Re: Rommel vs. Zhukov

Posted: Wed May 15, 2013 3:42 pm
by nikdav
very interesting scenario...........try to complete a PvP version, with the AI it is impossible to play a full front divisional level (10 minutes AI turn), I am actually work on Barbarossa 41 at korps level and the game run very well.