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Screen Resolution Automation (Mac)

Posted: Fri Jan 04, 2013 10:38 pm
by dp1207
I like having games windowed so I can work on other things. Here is how I have solved this for Unity of Command.

I run it on my Macbook Air both alone and with a cinema display. I created automator apps to run in both resolutions.

I started by navigating to the config file in finder. Choose "Go/Go to folder ..." from Finder and enter "~/Library/Application Support/Unity of Command". You will see a single file "config.json". I then created two new folders "Large Screen" and "Small Screen". You could do an unlimited number of versions.

I started UOC and set the resolution for the cinema display (I used 1840 x 1200, although the actual width appears to max out at something less). I then exited UOC and copied the "config.json" file into the "Large Screen" folder. I then repeated the process with a lower resolution (I use 1440x850) and copied the config file to the "Small Screen" folder.

I then popped open automator and created an application. Dragged the "Larger Screen" file into the automator window. I then added a "Copy Finder Items" action, set the destination to "~/Library/Application Support/Unity of Command" and checked the "Replace ..." box. I then added a "Launch Application" item for UOC. I saved it to my scripts folder as "Unity of Command (Large Screen)". I then repeated for the small screen version. Now instead of launching UOC directly, I just launch the app for the screen resolution I'm using.

Re: Screen Resolution Automation (Mac)

Posted: Fri Jan 04, 2013 10:49 pm
by dp1207
Correction: For the large screen resolution, the cited resolution was causing the bottom of UOC to be off screen. This setting is working: 1750x1150.