MP anyone?

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MP anyone?

Unread postby Spooner » Fri Nov 18, 2011 4:07 pm

I'm a strong, but not brilliant player, who played a lot during the beta tests. I'll play most maps on either side (just a few maps that are terrible to play in defence, since you have absolutely no options at all :D). Best games for multiplayer are those where there is some room to maneuver and the defender has at least some potential for counterattack.

Just paste your game ID here (or in a PM) and tell me which side you want me to play (I'm in the UK, so ideally a game played in real-time when I'm awake would be best :D). I'm more than happy to chat via IM of some sort during the game to give pointers.

EDIT: Please note that a human opponent is harder than playing vs the AI, so make sure you can at least complete a particular scenario vs the AI before considering PVP. Thanks!