Testing 1.01 PATCH

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Testing 1.01 PATCH

Unread postby Tomislav Uzelac » Fri Dec 16, 2011 3:46 pm

Hi all,

we are issuing a preliminary 1.01 patch. This is still being tested, but seeing there were no problems so far we are making it available to all users. The official announcement will go early next week.

BACKGROUND: version 1.00 had the following issues reported:

1. If using History Mode during a net game, game could get into a state where on next "End Turn" it goes into an endless loop and you lose your entire turn.
2. A rare AI bug resulting in crashes to desktop
3. In History Mode, if going forward/back turn with supply view on, crashes to desktop were possible

INSTRUCTIONS: Download, unzip and run the exe.

This patch fixes all outstanding issues. You can check that the patch worked by going to "Credits" from the main menu. It should say "Version 1.01" in tiny letters at the bottom. Please report if you run into problems.
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Re: Testing 1.01 PATCH

Unread postby Novo » Sun Dec 18, 2011 10:23 am

Let me first start by asking you why you never released a demo. In these times of economic and financial turmoil when people tend to keep an eye on almost every dollar they spend, I expected a demo, it's also a common thing to do from a marketing perspective for a brand new product from a brand new development team. Sure, you're a small team (2 people?), but still...

Needless to say that I haven't decided to buy this game (yet), so in the mean time I'm focusing on the experiences of your customers in this forum and 2 other ones. While I get the impression that the game seems to be pretty polished, I do notice that your patch doesn't solve all the issues mentioned on these forums (regardless of the problems you most like discussed with your customers by mail), especially when you consider that only 2 issues are related to single player, which is still a lot more popular than the multi-player aspect.

You solve only 2 bugs in more than month? I find this very disappointing. Especially so short after its release, I would expect that you would like to keep the sales momentum going and that is partly done by squashing as many bugs as quickly as possible (especially in a popular sales month like December and as a new kid on the block), really focus on a demo, but also hurry up with the most requested feature of all: undo
I also find it disappointing that you haven't adjusted any game balance, which is quite common for strategy games, especially turned based ones. Sure, it could mean that it's perfectly balanced, but after playing strategy games for almost 20 years, I find that rather unlikely. Maybe you just lack enough input from your users. In that case it might be useful to encourage them to share it with you.

Now I have to wait again (for how long?) before you introduce that undo button or release a demo. Even this tiny update is not final yet.

The main point is this; I really have a serious interest in your game. I like the polish, I like the design, I hear good things about your AI, it's just that you fail to do that little extra to convince me and probably a lot more people to buy your promising product. I also don't understand why you open a YouTube channel and use it for nothing but a trailer. Why not showing more aspects of the game in actual game play with either voice comments or text annotations? I think you're not using all tools available to give this new product from a new developer like you enough attention, to increase its popularity. Don't rely too much on the publisher and them promoting your hard work, because they have so many products already, take control and give your "baby" the treatment that it deserves.

I hope I wasn't too harsh, it was not my attention, I only wanted to explain my frustration.

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Re: Testing 1.01 PATCH

Unread postby Spooner » Sun Dec 18, 2011 3:03 pm

Honestly, we were amazed in the closed beta that the game was already so polished and stable. We mostly worked on balance issues and most actual problems were resolved before release.

They did modify balance quite a bit in the beta and generally games don't re-balance too much for SP, but only for MP to make it fair. Since the MP is so asymmetrical (one side is attacker who will win unless the defender is considerably more skilled) there isn't so much of a need for fine balance in the way that other MP games require it.

Can't disagree about the lack of undo or demo though :)