[SOLVED} Gamersgate Black turn DLC + Steam Main Game

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[SOLVED} Gamersgate Black turn DLC + Steam Main Game

Unread postby Layne » Mon Apr 28, 2014 7:01 pm

I've just bought the black turn DLC on Gamersgate since it was on sale.
I already owned the main game + red turn, both bought on Steam many months ago.

Well, I installed the new dlc but apparently I can't play it cause it is not listed on the main menu.
I wasn't even asked for the game key during the setup.

Weirdly, If i launch the scenario editor then the new maps are all loaded correctly...

I've already checked the game directory and everything looks fine: i have a "blackturn" subdir in "STEAMPATH/common/unity of command/dlc".

How can I fix it?


Apparently the version avalaible on Steam is not up to date to the latest (1.0.4).
After downloading the patch to 1.0.5 I was finally asked for the dlc key and now everything is ok.