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by LtCol
Thu Jun 14, 2018 6:17 pm
Forum: Technical Support
Topic: Bug when all regular steps are suppressed
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Bug when all regular steps are suppressed

I encountered a bug with suppressed steps. I report it so you can avoid it in the new game. If you have a unit that has all regular steps suppressed and a specialist step that is not suppressed, I think you should be able to attack with this unit based on the attack value of the specialist step, but...
by LtCol
Sat Mar 03, 2018 4:39 pm
Forum: Community Scenarios
Topic: [BT] Moscow Encirclement
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[BT] Moscow Encirclement

This is the save game of a brilliant victory, without using the reserve units.
by LtCol
Sun Jan 14, 2018 1:41 pm
Forum: Unity of Command
Topic: Suggestions Thread
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Re: Suggestions Thread

Some suggestions for the user interface: - When one of your units is selected, show the battle odds when you mouse over any enemy unit, also when they are not next to your unit. - When the show-terrain-view is selected, mark unaccessible water hexes with a dot or ~, sometimes the coastline hexes are...
by LtCol
Wed May 17, 2017 5:44 pm
Forum: Community Scenarios
Topic: [RT] Unternehmen Husarenritt - March 1945
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Re: [RT] Unternehmen Husarenritt - March 1945

Spectacular map. Very challenging starting position. I did a brilliant victory on my first try without spending prestige points. Some remarks: The time limits on the last victory locations are too loose. I captured Lodz on turn 12 instead of 15, both Warsaw locations on turn 13 instead of 17 and Mem...
by LtCol
Thu Apr 13, 2017 5:17 pm
Forum: Technical Support
Topic: Graphical bug with towed steps
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Graphical bug with towed steps

There is a graphical bug in the game that hasn't been mentioned yet, according to the forum search function. When you move a unit with a towed specialist step, this specialist step becomes suppressed for the remainder of the turn. For such a unit with a suppressed towed step, the steps are shown inc...