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screenshot [MP] [RT] Dnieper 43 by Billy Bob Joe 2 Recommended by:Billy Bob Joeportaro Added on August 6th, 2017 Scenario start date: November 30th, -0001


The Germans, after their decisive defeat at Kursk, are regrouping on the Dnieper, attempting to fortify their positions. The Soviets however, are hot on their heels, and will stop the Germans from digging in any cost. But the Fuhrer will attempt to keep his holdings, no matter the cost.

Notes: I used the Lage Ost maps for this, which I found at the Axis History Forum thanks to the fine gentlemen jccalvin. The unit called SS-??? was labeled as SS-R on the map. Any help here would be greatly appreciated, as would anything else. Also, the Soviets haven't had their reinforcements set up, but they will be added soon.

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  • Not bad, though at the moment definitely skewed towards the Russians. With competent Soviet play, there's not all that much the Germans can do to prevent getting swept off the map by about turn 5 or 6.

    In light of this, the victory conditions should be rebalanced a bit - Zhitomir shouldn't start losing VP until perhaps turn 3, but the overall victory threshold should be perhaps 700 or so, and consider adding some objectives further back.

    I also think this should be about an 8-turn scenario at most, definitely not 20, and the Germans have no hope of seeing their late-game reinforcements currently. The Germans could also use a few more reinforcement units and steps, right from the first turn. Put in some security and other random KGs and emergency units to slow the Russians down a bit, and give the German player something to do! The Germans should have a few more 88s as well.

    In general the Lage Ost maps are a good start, but you also need to make sure it's a fun and balanced scenario.

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