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screenshot [SP] [RT] Ostfront January 45 by T_Minus 4 Recommended by:dobrodukhKampfgruppesourdustlgreen666 Added on April 15th, 2014 Scenario start date: January 12th, 1945


After the offensive in Hungary the Red Army is ready to strike in the North and the Center to cut off German forces in east prussia and reach the Oder line in preparation of the final push for Berlin.

As the Axis, stem the Soviet tide and systematically destroy the forces opposing you. Secondly, retake lost ground and capture staging areas in order to establish favourable positions for future operations. Strike a decisive blow for the fatherland and hit all the objectives right on schedule for a brilliant victory.

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  • Wow, clearly a lot of work went into this! Good fun, and it was a serious challenge. Alas, the AI isn't up to the complexity and offensive capability needed for this. On my first run through, I was able to surround huge numbers of Soviets, and thus captured the objectives mostly ahead of time. Killed all the Soviets and captured Lublin on turn 15 for the BV. Against a human player, the Germans wouldn't stand a chance... also, turns took up to an hour for the AI to process, the scenario is so immense! Thanks for the scenario.

  • One of the very best scenarios ever developed. Outstanding design.

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