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screenshot [SP] [RT] Operation Solstice (v2) by T_Minus 5 Recommended by:juocKampfgruppeconboy323Kubizan Added on April 15th, 2014 Scenario start date: February 15th, 1945


= Version 2 =

Axis Scenario, Army Group Vistula vs. 1st + 2nd Blr Fronts

Operation Solstice (German: Unternehmen Sonnenwende), the German counter-offensive against the 1st Belorussian Front, to cut off and destroy the leading elements of Georgy Zhukov's forces east of the Oder.

Startdate: Feb 15th, 1945

In this scn, Axis player's goal is to deliver a decisive blow against the Soviet spearheads, and to restore an orderly situation in the Vistula region, even with limited resources.

Fortress Posen will usually be gone after the first turn, removed as a victory location for playability, but scn will still be pretty hard. Expect a tough grind ahead!

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  • I liked it a lot but it took me 3 playthroughs just to beat it. very hard but lots of fun.

  • Interesting scenario but AI seems problematic. I took the supply near Kustrin on the first turn and used the Poznan garrison to block the railways, making a hilarious rout for forces west and northwest of poznan. AI counterattacked its captured supply source but did not move to capture it after ejecting the unit (quite strange). For some reason the bridge east of poznan is also just ignored, the 1 step poznan garrison was ignored when the AI should have killed it.

  • One of the very best scenarios ever developed. Outstanding design.

  • Pushed my strategy skills to the top. Was able to finish it in turn 7 though after some attempts. Great scenario!

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