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screenshot [SP] [BT] Jatkosota by Danielefc 8 Recommended by:juocNoymariuszswvon SchweinewitzRitalingamer Added on December 13th, 2013 Scenario start date: July 31st, 1941


The Continuation War (Jatkosota) has begun. Finland has managed to mobilze more than 16 divisons as opposed to the 10 of the previous conflict. Finnish forces aim to re-conquer the territory lost during the Winter War of 1939/40.

You are to retake what is rightfully ours and then continue the advance to easily defencible positions. You have limited air support and the German 163rd division will provide assistance for our advance into Ladoga Karelia. High Command wishes to underline that it will not tolerate any significant advances beyond the objectives set forth. Good luck!

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