Trilogy Bundle combines the original Unity of Command game and its two expansions to provide a complete Eastern Front experience.

Unity of Command: Stalingrad Campaign 1942-43
Red Turn: The Road to Berlin 1943-45
Black Turn: Operation Barbarossa 1941

Buy the Trilogy Bundle directly from us – the developers – and you’ll get DRM-free versions of the game for Windows, Mac and Linux, plus a Steam key that you can redeem on the Steam platform (if you want to).

Note that the game is entirely DRM-free. You are not required to install Steam to play Unity of Command.

Privacy notice: we retain customer names and e-mail addresses only (in case you need to re-download the game at a later date).  If you wish to remove this data from our system, you can do so via email to privacy at

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You can also buy Unity of Command and its DLCs from one of our distributors: Matrix Games, GamersGate, Slitherine, Steam, MacGameStore, Amazon US, Amazon UK, Humble Store and AGEOD.

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