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screenshot [SP] [BT] Operation Gertrud by hawkerace 1 Recommended by:Ritalingamer Added on February 1st, 2017 Scenario start date: July 1st, 1942



This is an ahistorical scenario based on the drafted plan of Unternehmen Gertrud (or Gertrude).

==The Story==
July 1st, 1942:

The Germans along with their pressed ganged allies have the task of smashing through Anatolia in order to reach the oilfields in the Soviet Union, as well as forcing their way to the Suez Canal to help the Italians.
Because of the latter strategy, the Italians have agreed to assist by launch naval and airborne operations alongside German troops on the coast as well as a large land force respresented as the 2nd Army. The Germans gather their strength in form of the 12. Armee, with troops coming from the Balkans (where the resistance is still not as out of control as it is in later years), as well as from Greece.

Panzergruppe 'Turkei' is assembled as the veteran 6th Panzer Division and the newer formed panzer divisions as well as a panzer division from Norway. These tank divisions aren't as impactful as the 6th but still will act as the tip of the spear. Furthermore, the newly formed Prinz Eugen as well as the veteran Totenkopf are participating as well. Romanian and Bulgarian interests are also here, however the Bulgarians are keeping out of it unless the Germans can garuntee the can capture Istanbul and push into the interior.

Please Note:
Security Divisions usually represent Bulgarian divisions.
Italian Motorized division represents an Italian armored division (hence the stug specialist)
Elite Italian units represent the well respected Folgore division/other special groups
British/Indian divisions represented by motorized units with good experience, look out!
Turkish divisions/Turkish army in general was pretty lackluster in 1941, so with a year later and preparing for war I hope that you will agree that their divisions may be comparable to soviets at the time.

==The Plan==

  1. Smash through or encircle Turkish forces on the border, the quicker this is done the better chance of completing objectives. Don't forget to expand your supply!
  2. Work along the coastline to capture the objectives, with reinforcements being available after catching specific objectives
  3. Race against time when the interior is openned up, Turkish reinforcements from the far East will trickle in to the Capital, Ankara as a last ditch effort.
  4. Push north, east and south simultaneously to meet the overall operational objectives.
  5. Strong British/Indian forces will spawn on turn 10, as well as partisans, Turkish corps and later rounds Soviet 'Expeditionary' forces will spawn on the border to delay the German's entry.
  6. Manage your supply lines, and your units strengths and you should have no problems. With time as your strongest opponent, particularly once the east begins to dig in.
  7. Reinforcements trickle in, but very slowly. You do have some prestige, use it if you're struggling!
  8. Luckily the Germans control the skies with the Luftwaffe bearing it's wait on the obsolete Turkish airforce and the Allies/Soviets have yet to relocate. You have air supremacy, use it wisely!

=update 1.1=
Changed some unit balance/exp
Changed time to take Izmir to 4
Added some partisans to slow you down in the south east

=update 1.5=
Changed supply range (it should be tight, but remember you have air supply and a few rounds of rest.
Changed rounds to take a few objectives making it easier (or harder) in some cases.
Changed Turkish reinforcements of Ankara to arrive earlier.

Have fun, and any comments, suggestions, questions please let me know.
Remember that the older versions of this scenario will be in the forums.



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  • @Ritalingamer

    Thank you for the compliments, it's fun to put your imagination to the test with the assets you got (I wish they'd just merge the maingame and DLC all together though so you can use all the assets at once in the editor!)

    You should get 3 Bulgarian divisions to spawn east of Istanbul at the time you capture it.

    Also, yes capturing Istanbul is quite difficult, and it should! I may add a division or two in the Axis line in an update but for now I've managed to get to Istanbul a few times on luck and guts without suffering much so you just have to play with it.

    Thanks for commenting and I hope you try other scenarios as well =]

  • On my second try, I was able to get a Decisive Victory. Supply was tight at the end near the Northeastern victory point, but I managed to use my last two supply drops to keep a panzer division in supply.
    I like the inclusion of the three British/Indian divisions - you've really managed to stretch the assets 2x2 provided to make something new throughout this scenario.
    That said, aren't there Bulgarian units? I swear I've seen them in the editor.
    I'm at a loss for how to make it to Istanbul by turn 3 without getting cut off from supply. I feel like there should be slightly fewer Turkish divisions or a few more line infantry or Axis minor units at the start, to make supply lines less touchy.
    All in all, this is a great effort. Way to make a scenario set in a whole new theater!

  • The first time I played, I didn't realize there was a strength 50 supply in the way upper corner of the map. I was trying to stretch those two little supply points. It didn't work. Oops!

  • @kvnrthr

    Hello, yes I've played the scenario a few times and unless you know exactly what to look for you may find yourself a bit short of the far east objectives. I've tooled it a bit, but I want it to be a bit of a hard swing towards the end of the scenario, as you're crossing an entire region in just over a month - logistics are going to have a tough time following you, especially in a very mountainous region! Hold off on using your supply drops until the later rounds and you should be okay. If it's still a problem I will correct. Best of luck. (watch out that the supply does not cross the river in the center, and has to swing south to compensate). The supply should run out just towards the mountain passes at the east.

  • Supply doesn't seem to be going all the way across the map for me, even after all supply upgrades have been used up. Is this by design or did I not clear enough zones?

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