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screenshot [SP] [RT] Moonsund Landing Operation by hawkerace 1 Recommended by:sourdust Added on January 16th, 2017 Scenario start date: January 1st, 1970


The Moonsund Landing Operation also known as the Moonsund landing operation, was an amphibious operation and offensive by the Red Army during World War II, taking place in late 1944. It was part of the Baltic Offensive, and was designed to clear German forces of Army Group North from the islands in East Baltic Sea, the West Estonian archipelago (Moonsund archipelago).

In this scenario you act as the 8th Army and drive the Germans off the island group.

This scenario is a laid back, relatively easy scenario for those looking for a more casual experience. It's purpose was to broaden the lackluster soviet scenarios involving the Baltic. That being said if you take too many loses you may not meet your objectives on time!

I lowered the turns as in the real war, the operation took over two months on the islands, and frankly that doesn't sound very fun!

Any questions/problems/comments let me know, thanks and remember that all previous versions will be left on the forums.

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  • I never would have imagined an interesting scenario could be made on the small territory of these islands! Nice work, it's a fun play, and I chewed a fingernail at one point worrying whether I had enough infantry to do the job... still brilliant victory on the first go.

  • ok

  • ok

  • I don't have a clue, try messaging the dev directly on the forums.

  • When ever I try to submit the scenario, I get this message-scenario file has wrong content type (application/x-zip-compressed) This is the file I submit - C:\Users\DCSAdmin\AppData\Roaming\Unity of Command\user\scenarios\Berlin Relief.usc

  • Thanks!

  • There's two ways you can do this; the easiest way is to click on the unity of command game in your and choose the "editor" option.

    Now you'll have a new menu and go to load scenarios.

    On the right you'll see open scenario folder.

    Now your game will open where scenarios are, and all the scenarios you downloaded you can drag them to that folder

    Close the editor menu and load up the normal game and load up user scenarios and they will be there!

    (The other way of doing this would just to find this folder in your documents, but this is waaay easier)

  • Where do I find the User scenarios in the files?

  • Go to community scenario when you're logged on:
    Click on the 'Add new scenario' in the middle near the top of the page.
    Choose the .usc (unity of command scenario file) you wish to add and give a title.

  • How do you upload a scenario to the community scenarios? I tried, but it didn't work. I have a cool scenario about the siege of berlin but I cant upload it. Plz help.

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