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screenshot [SP] [RT] War of Transylvania (Alternative History/Hypothetical) by ComradeCommissar 1 Recommended by:conboy323 Added on May 15th, 2016 Scenario start date: June 3rd, 1944


This is a scenario based on a successful Axis Stalingrad campaign, which takes Baku and Kuibyshev and defeats the Soviet Union (only fiction, folks). The Romanians gain Hitler's favor for their participation in the operations and receive a blind eye on regaining Transylvania which was lost to Hungary in the 1940 2nd Vienna Award. Antonescu seeks to flex Romanian power by taking several cities to place the Hungarian Royal Army in an untenable position

The player uses Romanian units with Soviet armor (representing Romanian armor because the Soviet side has no Romanian armor) and Soviet specialist steps which can represent anything like SU-76Ms which represent the Maresal, captured SU-76Ms, Hetzers, and Marders, or T-34s which represent 75mm long barreled Pz.IVs or an assortment of Soviet armor.

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