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Development Diary 1 – No More Wipeouts!

I am diving right into some of the changes to the system we’ll be making for the new game. Please ignore that the game still hasn’t been properly announced, that there are no screenshots yet, and that this is the first time I’m … Continue reading

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Board Games and Wargames

Two months or so ago, I was interviewed by Joachim Froholt for his rather excellent piece (in Norwegian) about how wargames are evolving from the tabletop onto computers. The whole piece is worth braving Google translate IMO, however as I still have … Continue reading

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Anniversary Post

Unity of Command is now 3 years old. The years went by rather quickly. I remember pushing the button to go live at precisely midnight three years ago. Well, not precisely as we ended up being a few minutes late … Continue reading

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Hey Artists, Unity of Command WANTS YOU

We’re looking for an artist to add to our team for our secret new project. In case you’re reading this post because you want to know what that project is, you are welcome, but frankly I’m not going to spill … Continue reading

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Black Turn – Operation Barbarossa 1941

Operation Barbarossa, as a historical event, should not need much of an introduction. It was the largest invasion in the history of warfare, part of the largest military confrontation of all time. The nature of the operation, and its actual … Continue reading

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Testing Ahoy!

We’re staring the beta test for our Barbarossa DLC this week.Continue reading

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Good Luck in Court

I got myself into a mini spat with whoever is running @onlinekeystore twitter. Here’s a screenshot of what happened: Soo… “good luck in court”, eh? I searched on google, and it looks like these are UK people who actually went … Continue reading

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Introducing Red Turn: The Road to Berlin 1943-45

Hitler: Whenever I think of this attack, my stomach turns over. Guderian: In that case your reaction is correct. Leave it alone! The dying days of the Stalingrad Campaign saw the German Army reeling under heavy blows from resurgent Soviet … Continue reading

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Marginal Gains

We’ve made several changes to “Unity of Command” core game mechanics in our upcoming “Road to Berlin” expansion. It’s not a huge number of changes and really they’re not all that big, as we believe the game is solid basically. … Continue reading

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Map Making for Fun and Profit

If you’ve been following the goings-on with Unity of Command, you may know that we’re working on an expansion that follows the Soviet forces as they advance westward after the battle of Kursk. The working title for this expansion is “Road to Berlin” and while that work is progressing nicely, I’ve hit a snag unexpectedly a few weeks ago when I found out exactly how much mapmaking I need to do.Continue reading

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